Workouts have been going incredibly well, despite (or perhaps because of?) their increased frequency.

Yesteday’s bench press workout felt laughably easy.  The triples at 118 are really popping off my chest.  [Wow, that sentence sounds terrible.]  I was even able to pause every single rep! 

Today’s squat workout was, I think, a bit of a watershed.  It was my first crack at the endless string of 5 x 3 x 180 workouts, and it went pretty well.  I realized, about halfway through, that 180 just isn’t that scary.  On the first rep of my third set, I got a little off balance, fell forward a bit, and had to use a bit of lower back to readjust myself.  The next two reps were technically solid, albeit a bit slower.   My recovery during the first rep showed me that 180 is light enough that, if something does go wrong, I’ll be able to correct it and make the lift without killing myself.  NOW I just need to focus on making sure that nothing ever goes wrong.  🙂

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern with respect to the nutrition, but I’m looking forward to getting started later in the week.   It’s probably better that I’m not dieting at the moment, as I’ll be training four days in a row this week.  Ouch.


I created this blog to track my progress as I transition from an offseason (read: heavy) 52-kg lifter to a platform-ready 47-kg lifter.  Layne Norton will be in charge of my nutrition, Matt Gary creates my training programs, and I’m responsible for sticking to the program!

My new nutritional regimen might be ready by the end of the week.  In the meantime, I’m trying not to do any more damage.  Hopefully, I’ll arrive at the end of the week at around 119 lbs. on my scale, which is around 1.2 lbs. heavy.  The goal is to hit 47 kg (103.7 lbs.) on March 4th and proceed to rock the Arnold Classic Raw Challenge.  RAWR!

This morning, I completed the balance of Saturday’s scheduled workout, which I aborted because I was feeling ill.  The 180-lb. doubles weren’t so scary at all!  Although they were slow, I held my form well and didn’t pitch forward.  They’ll only get better as I begin to really hammer my abs — they’re definitely what’s holding me back, as I’m having trouble keeping my chest upright.  Breathing with my new belt is also a huge adjustment, as it’s so rigid that it’s supremely uncomfortable.  It should be fine by USAPL NE Regionals, though, so I’m just sucking it up in the meantime.